Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Excitement Is In the Air

     Yesterday we went through some terrible storms. Lucky for us the tornado jumped over us and headed N.E. of our town. I will try to attach a video of the storm for you, but on facebook there are three video's of our 'adventures'.
     The press releases and posters came in the email today for approval; they are okay, think I can do allot better.
     Four days until the release of the book! I'm so excited. Don't forget that Amazon and Barnes and Noble take thirty days when they upload their information, so you have to order directly from the publishing house. All you have to do is go to my website click on the link 'Authorhouse' type in my name in the search box and it will lead you to my book.
     There is about a hundred books out there called 'The Awakening' so, I would suggest using my name instead when searching for my book. Remember, my book is called The Awakening "The Anthem of the Angels".
     Having problems with school right now. Seems papers have been shuffled and misplaced, or the new one; I filled out the wrong forms the wrong way, go figure. As I am now in my major (Anthropology) the classes are super harder than before. Half of it I don't understand and have no idea how I wing it through to make an A or B. Why am I in school again?
     My sister, Margaret Cook (you will hear me refer to her as Cookie) and I are loving the quiet, country life. But, we have allot of things to do around her to keep us busy, its just a matter of man power and cash!
     Okay! Guess that is it for this week! Make sure you join up on my blog as a follower and check out my new website!
Claire Benet Logan

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just Another Day In the Life of...Me

The move to the country was probably more than my sister and I could bite off. We moved withing one week of signing for the house. Cleaned the house in four days and packed an entire household up in 24 hours. We ordered the wrong and smallest u-haul, which was a terrible mistake. We should have gotten the largest. The U haul cost us close to two hundred dollars.
Still unpacking and now the once great spiral staircase leading up to my room is a blasted curse. Its hard to carry boxes up it. So, things have to be taken up out of the box one by one.
But, I love the place. I love sitting on the front porch in our chairs watching absolutely nothing move by except an occasional stray dog or leaf. I love having my sister with me too. Right now, she has her grandchildren with her. They are visiting for a few days and she's having a blast with them.
I haven't written not one page all week in book two of The Awakening series. Been so tired and sleepy.
Stopped at the store and bought my chocolate wine to help...nothing is helping; think sleep is really the answer.
Well, the first book will be out in ten days everyone! Count down has began!
Claire Benet Logan

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Why Hate is Healthy

For those that think killing Osama Bin Laden and all the rejoicing was so awful; that we should all love each other, and not ever hate...well here is a word to the wise about this:
Hate is a natural human emotion. its a reaction to something either painful or unjustifiable.
I cannot say how I would feel if I had a child or a loved one I could not bury because of the rubble of 9/11; I know I would be angered at the senseless violence.
But, rejoicing that Bin Laden is dead is also a healthy human emotion.
This man will never master mind another attack again; oh sure, another will take his place. But, for every action there is a reaction. For there has to be a yin-yang effect. Good cannot exist without evil and evil cannot exist without good.
Saying to someone that we shouldn't rejoice because someone evil died is wrong. All these emotions is natural, and we want to be 'politically correct' to many times and ignore our true feelings.
So, rejoice, cry, do a dance; it doesn't matter  as long as you are feeling!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saturday with the Grandnephew/neice

Wow! What a wonderful Saturday Ellen (Cookie) and I had. She went and brought her Grandkids home and we had a great afternoon playing and being silly. With the help of Green Social Media Designs (@gsm_design) I made this video for my special sister who is also my very best-friend.
I love you sis!
Claire Benet Logan
The Video is to your right; remember to scroll down to the bottom and pause my music to hear this video.