Saturday, July 28, 2012

New Beginnings

I've been MIA for over six months and I apologize to everyone for that. I won't get into the
gory details of what I went through but just know that I escaped the madness, the betrayal, the con artists and the theives and left Oklahoma for good and made it to New England (Cape Cod area) and am doing well. Life here is a dream come true. I am now working on getting book two published and I will begin to finish book three.
These days spent with my best friend Leann Bryant and her fabulous family has been magical. I have made new friends, keeping in touch with old ones. However, I am putting the memories of what I went through in Oklahoma and moving forward with my head held up high.
Thank you to all those that supported me and thank you to those that helped me get to Massachussets safely.
Be prepared for magical surprises from me. These books are going to blow your mind.
And as well be looking for Leann Bryants book coming out soon!