Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Saturday the 25th of June

Hope you are all thinking  of me on Saturday morning: My first booksigning will be at ten a.m. I'm very nervous by excited! Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me!
So, mark your calanders and the time and close your eyes, tap your heels three time and wish me luck!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Poetry entry by Anonymous

Life crumbles around me
Impossible to gain
A foothold on the proper path
It's driving me insane

A glimpse of fading memories
Of what happy used to be
Now reality has slapped me in the face
I see only selfishness and greed

A death blow from inside
From the one you trust the most
The sickness never goes away
My former self/just a ghost

Severed close relations
No one was spared today
The innocense of children
Are the ones you've hurt now pray!

Twisted sense of reality, has left you all alone
I'll be as kind as possible, learn the lessons I have shown
Take yourself onward, I hope to see you rise above
You'll remember in the end, that all I have for you is love.

The proper steps were taken
The pain just goes along
In time you'll likely thank me
Find comfort in this song

The future for me now certain
Words I thought I'd never say
With new confidence and shimmers
Of warm light will guide my way

Hard choices I've made my piece with
My journey is finally twards the end
With new friendships im encouraged
I'll reap the rewards, lifes dividends

Questions will always haunt me
For the new path that I have chose
With fear, remorse, and consequence
breath new life, the way winds blow

(repeat chorusx1)
Acustical x4
Lead into grow and shrink
(3/4, 4/4,5/4,6/4,7/4,8--8,7,6,5,4,3)
A song written by "the Crucifer" Chris Fridley. 

Poetry Week

So, as my sister is a genius at poetry; how about you? Like my twitter friend @nealjunior his work can be found at the following blog:
Do you have some work you want displayed? Post them on my blog this week until next Friday and see what become of it!
Have fun!
CB Logan

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What is Your Dream?

What is Your Dream?
     Do you sit around wondering 'what if' or 'how would I ever become a...'?
     Here is my advice: If you have a vision do whatever it takes to attain it no matter what is at stake (legally please).
     I have had this dream of writing a book for years and years since I was six years old. I hit every literary agency in America, pounded on every door of every publishing house I could find, with no success.
      If this path isn't working for you then there is nothing wrong with self-publishing your work.
      If you have the craving to see your dreams in print than self-publish your work.
      And, yes there will be typos and some grammar glitches (unless you can afford expensive editors) but that is okay! It's the story being told in-between the pages that is most important. Somewhere down the line you will 'catch' the eye of the bigger fishes in the pond and will be signed!
      Even if you don't want to be a writer, let us say you dream of becoming the next greatest NASCAR driver, then pay for the lessons to learn, study the car, read every book, website etc., on the matter; build your own car!
      Dream outside of the box and just go do it.
     What I am trying to say is this: Life is too short, too fast for everyone to be your critic. Listen and learn, but don't get discouraged; go do what you have dreamed of doing all your life no matter how many people say you can't or someone points out your faults.
     Instead of sitting around thinking 'what if', go and grab your vision and listen to your own heartbeat. It will guide you.
     So, to those who want to knock someone down for their dreams, who tell others about the 'typos' in someone elses life; please, remember one thing:
     They have a dream and dreams are what this nation was built on.
     Feelings can and do get hurt; but instead, encourage your neighbor to build that race car, help someone design their designer label line; lift the spirit of someone disheartened over many closed doors. But, most important, love life, love your neighbor and be quiet.
     Dreams are being made.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Can't wait for Amazon and Barnes to update their system so both the softcover, hardback and ebooks are shown. Think my team and I are getting the Kindle ready.
Went to the  audiologist today and low and behold I'm getting hearing aides. Got tired of saying "what?" to everyone and I think everyone was getting tired of it too. Plus, with Menier's disease I go in every year for a check up. So, I get hearing
Getting a vehicle this week; can't wait for that to come in.
Busy with book two of The Awakening Trilogy; this one is called: "The Anthem of the Damned".
If you buy the book, read it and love it write a review on amazon and barnes. Please, if you hated it...well, you hate it and that's that.
Have to go; my backyard is still unmowed and needs it before it turns into a jungle.
Thanks to all the clansmen of the Logan Clan for your help! Boxes will be arriving shortly; promise.
If you haven't seen my website go to
Have a great day everyone!
Claire Benet Logan