Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Ending

Book two to the Awakening series is finally finished. It is called: The Awakening: The Anthem of the Damned.
It was very sad to say goodbye to the characters, yet again. It was even harder to find the correct ending too.
Here is the sample picture for the next book. Tell me what you think!
I'm speaking to an agent soon; she is currently reading both manuscripts and will make her decision afterwards. I'm very excited to work with her.
School is just school. Yes, I failed two courses while writing book two of the trilogy. It happens. You get wrapped up in writing and forget the days, even the date of the days. Forget to brush you hair...and forget homework. However, I will bring the grade back up.
I will begin writing book three next month. Taking thirty days to cool off the brain.
Take it easy everyone and remember: go for your dreams, if you don't someone else will

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Yet Another Week

Yet another week has passed. I had another surgery on my mouth Thursday and usually I post a blog on Wednesday, but the day before surgery was hectic. School really has me bummed and I am starting to wonder even if it is all worth the effort. I was told that another failing grade and fafsa will not pay for school again; it will be out of pocket. So, there is more pressure I did not need.
Writing has slowed way down. Too much pressure I believe.
I am to be moving to Georgia soon, another pressure to come up with the money to move. ugh.
Well, not much is going on but the pain in my mouth, late homework, due yesterday, and housework that never seems to get done by me. My roomie has been carrying the load and it's not fair to her.
Otherwise, things are the usual, boring life I lead.
Wishing you all happiness.