Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Volunteering at the Resthome

Think about volunteering at a resthome. I take Grandma to one to visit her friend: this is the second time I have gone there and enjoy it! These elderly and mentally disabled individuals need attention and seem so starved for it. I plan to go back before Christmas and go back every Saturday.

Christmas Weekend Fun!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2011 in Review

Book three is not even close to being finished: I hit my major finally in college and life has not been the same.  However: book two (The Awakening: The Anthem of the Damned) and book three (The Awakening: The Anthem of the Chosen Ones) will be out in March/April of 2012.
My second royalty check should be in the mail this week: keep fingers cross and thank you to those that bought book one for making this all happen for me.
Well, updates on my life are sparse and fueled by regret and much sadness (maybe not that much) I am single again: yes, I am not getting married next year. I have decided that the image of the Cat lady, on top of the hill that lives in the very creepy house, is something I should look into. I am actually relieved it happened now and not after the wedding. Phew!
Still in college: in January 2012 I will be a third year student, so I am almost there! After that I am going for Masters than a Phd. Why not!
Writing is still a passion of mine and days that I am loaded down with homework I sit and daydream that I wish I was writing on book three instead.
We all sit in December and reflect back on the year that flew by us. Lost a couple of friends this year to fighting over stupid things that probably won't matter in our elderly years, but gained much more in the end; real friendships that have endured many years and months.
Still live in this one horse town with no stoplights that drew me out of the city and into the country; now wished I had stayed where I was to begin with.
 But, life is all about should have, would have, and could haves. The secret is how you move forward and what did you learn.
I have learned that I love myself despite flaws that others love to point out or monopolize on. And, I don't have to be married to be happy. I have learned that while others without an education don't see the point of a forty year old woman completing her Bachelor's in Anthropology: I get the bigger picture and the prize when I graduate and I never would listen to them anyhow.
Merry Christmas everyone; enjoy what you have and dream of what you don't have but want.
Dreams do come true in the end
Here are pictures I selected this year for the blog: enjoy